Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of using TSEA website and the Terms and Conditions of sale.

1. Definitions
The following terms spelled will have, unless otherwise stated, the meanings specified below.
REGISTERED TRADEMARKS: Represents the registered trademarks of the TRAFFIC SAFETY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, also abbreviated TSEA.
WEBSITE: Represents the website belonging to the TSEA, which is located at www.tsea.bg, through which the user has access to information.
TSEA: Represents the company TRAFFIC SAFETY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION EOOD, tax identification number 205890272, whose headquarters are at 10 Stefan Karadja street (ground floor), Ruse city, Bulgaria.
USER: Represents the individual accessing the website exclusively for private purposes, who has also accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this website, and agreed all requirements of the registration process.
ABUSE USE: Represents the use of the website in a manner contrary to its intended use and/or the use of this website in any manner that may cause TSEA damage.
BUYER: Represents a user who has ordered a product or a service. Buyers may only be private persons from a state of the European Union.

2. Website Contents
2.1. The information published on this website is for general interests or are about products and services marketed by TSEA
2.2. The information is usually made available to the users free of charge.
2.3. TSEA is the owner of all intellectual property rights on the website, respectively of its design and contents. The user is under obligation to respect all intellectual property rights of TSEA provided by the European legislation.
2.4. The user undertakes to access and use the website for purposes and means that do not constitute misuse.

3. Limitation of TSEA liability
3.1. TSEA is not and cannot be held liable for damages caused by errors, inaccuracy, or failure to update the information published on the website.
3.2. If the prices or other details regarding services have been displayed incorrectly, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery of the respective service/product and to notify the customer about the error.
3.3. The characteristics of the services and products presented on the website are made available to the user in good faith and accurately reflect what TSEA will offer. However, the TSEA does not assume responsibility for the impossibility of using the services or products ordered which is related to the specific legislation and requirements of the country or territory where the buyer wishes to use them. Requests for return or guarantee of services/products based on the above-mentioned aspects will not be honored.
3.4. The images are presented on the website by way of example, and the delivered products may differ from the images due to modifications of features or designs.
3.5. Any issue caused by the products and services presented on the website will be solved amicably within 15 working days from the date of written notification by the user, based on the Guarantee Conditions and the conditions of use of the website with which the buyer expressed his agreement.
3.6. TSEA shall not be liable in any way, for any loss, costs, processes, claims, direct or indirect expenses, or other liabilities related to the use or non-use of the ordered products and services. The TSEA is not liable even if the damages are caused by the non-observance of the Terms and Conditions.
3.7. TSEA is not responsible for any damages created as a result of the non-functioning of the website as well as for those resulting from delays or the inability to use the services/products ordered.
3.8. Any complaints regarding the aesthetic deficiencies of the products will be considered and analyzed only if they are filed within the first 24 hours from the moment of receival of the product.

4 Delivery terms
4.1. For orders from Romania, products will be delivered only on Romanian territory. For delivery, the service of several couriers will be used: eg. – for pickup orders we use Speedy or Econt Express (in Bulgaria) and delivery in Romania will be done through Fan Courier or Urgent Cargus couriers. Buyers will receive an AWB tracking number for Fan Courier or Urgent Cargus by email after products arrive at the respective courier.
4.2. The charge for packing and transport is 11.90 Eur for each delivery. The packing and transport fee will be specified in the shopping cart.
4.3. If an order is canceled by the Buyer after shipment, the shipping and return costs will remain the responsibility of the Buyer. After shipping of the product, the shipping tax cannot be returned for any reason.

5. Placing orders and payments
5.1. The payment methods for completing an online order are: online payments by card or payment order. Cash payments or reimbursement (by carrier) are not possible.
5.2. If you select the online payment option, TSEA will only send data to your payment processor regarding your order. TSEA does not have access to and cannot process a buyer’s bank card data.
5.3. In our store you can only pay online with your personal card. We do not accept payment by cards belonging to any company or a third party. Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA and MASTERCARD logos.
5.4. No additional transaction fees are charged. To ensure the security of transactions, tsea.bg uses the secure online payment system mobilPay – Netopia.
5.5. Regardless of the currency you have in your account, the transactions are made in Eur or Ron at the exchange rate of your bank. The processing of the bank card data is done exclusively on the mobilPay – Netopia servers. The safety of your information is guaranteed by the fact that tsea.bg does not use your card data. The data is encrypted on a secure connection by a processor bank, so your card data is fully secure.
5.6. The registration of the payment with PO or online payment does not guarantee the confirmation and/or delivery of the order within 48 hours processing time. Some details in your order may not meet our processing criteria (eg. uploaded JPG files where the contents is modified or not visible). In these situations the order cannot be processed and the amount paid will be refunded to your account as soon as possible. The reimbursement interval can vary between 24 hours and 5 working days from the cancellation of the order.
5.7. The registration of the order does not represent its confirmation. After registration, the order will be processed manually by operators in order to verify all the information provided by the buyer. The order is then processed within 24-48 hours, and the buyer will receive a processed order confirmation. The estimated delivery time by courier is 2 working days from the order’s confirmation.
5.8. During Black Friday events or other holidays advertised on the site, the processing of an order and its delivery can take anywhere between 7-10 business days.
5.9. The buyer has the obligation to verify the integrity and content of the product received within 24-hours from receival. Any subsequent claim regarding the integrity of the package will not be considered.
5.10. The buyer has the right not to accept the delivered merchandise if they are damaged or not in conformity with the details of the order. In this case, the TSEA assumes the responsibility of new delivery of the products according to the order sent within 2 working days from the communication of the buyer.

6. Cancellation of orders
6.1. In the case of the cancellation of the order by the buyer, before the shipment of products, the TSEA will refund in full the amount paid.
6.2. If the order is canceled by the buyer after shipment, but not later than 14 days after receiving it, TSEA will refund the value of the products. Shipping costs, return costs, and SWIFT bank transfer fees (if payment was made with PO) will remain the responsibility of the buyer. Also, the buyer has the obligation to return the received product, sealed, with the TSEA seal label intact.

7. Return of products
7.1. According to the European Legislation, the buyer has the option to withdraw from the distance contract within 14 days starting from the day they receive the product. During this time, the buyer has the obligation to return the product in its original packaging with the TSEA seal intact. To do so, the buyer must fill out the return form provided in the Return Form section or can notify TSEA of the return intention in writing (email or post), along with the tracking number of the return shipment. Return requests for which the returned product did not reach TSEA or arrived without the original sealed packaging will NOT BE CONSIDERED.
7.2. Any request to return the ordered products will not be processed in case the sealed TSEA packaging is damaged.

8. Guarantee of services.
Translation brokerage services have a 90-day warranty period and can be invoked by the buyer only for issues related to the transcription of information in the ordered document. The information from the original documents (eg. Police Report, Driving License, etc.) cannot be invoked as being different from the transcribed ones, the only document taken into consideration being the electronic copy transmitted by the buyer upon placing an order.
In the case of a warranty situation, the TSEA will proceed, for free, to deliver the product/service with the corrected transcription issues.

9. Processing of personal data
9.1. Any processing of personal data will be done according with GDRP Policy.
9.2. This involves the agreement of the buyer that their personal data be kept and processed by the TSEA. The information is treated with maximum confidentiality and are used exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected, for a period equal to the expiry date of the products/services ordered.
9.3. The purposes of processing this data are: creating a buyer account, processing, executing, delivering the ordered products, and subscribing to the newsletter. TSEA does not disclose personal data to third parties. However, TSEA may disclose your personal information at the request of governmental authorities (eg. Police).
9.4. If you select the online payment option, TSEA will only send data to your payment processor regarding your order. TSEA does not have access to and cannot process a buyer’s bank card data.

10. Data collection
We use IP addresses to analyze browsing habits and collect demographic information for internal use. All of these are aimed at increasing the ease of use of the site and publishing information as relevant to the user.

11. Restricted access and (un)subscription
11.1. By accessing the website, creating a user account and placing orders, the client expressly accepts all the Terms and Conditions of the website and the rules of processing of an order, as described on the website.
11.2. There are areas on the website that require a registration or subscription (Newsletter).
Depending on the type of registration, the user may be asked for data such as: given names, surname, email, address, Personal Identification Number, etc.
11.3. Some requested data is mandatory in order to be able to supply the product the customer is interested in. In the case of translation intermediation services, the completion of the PIN is mandatory. Also, the buyer can be contacted by one of the operators in order to verify information. This data is used to identify and confirm the data in the order form.
11.4. Personal data will be used for the purposes of order processing. Subsequently, the data will be saved considering the retention terms according to commercial legislation if it is necessary to protect the rights of TSEA and the Buyer.
By placing an order, the buyer agrees with the form of subsequent communication (by telephone and email) and with the methods of processing of the order (indicated above)

12. Cookies and Links
12.1. The website tsea.bg uses cookies. This is data stored on the user’s computer or mobile device. The use of cookies allows the storage of site navigation options such as the language in which the site is displayed, the type of filters that are applied, the username, and the password for quick access. If a user decides not to accept cookies, this does not mean that they will be denied access to the website. Cookies will only be used if the user expresses unequivocal consent in relation to them.
12.2. The tsea.bg site may contain links to other sites. The TSEA is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced by them. This page uses “plugins” from social network operators (eg. www.facebook.com). We do not collect personal data from customers through plugins, but it’s possible that through this link, customers can see some of their friends who appreciate the TSEA page.

13. Security
This website adopts all security measures necessary to protect the personal data of our users. When completing personal data on our site, the information will be protected both online and offline.
All personal data will be processed through secure pages using the SSL encryption system, marked with a lock symbol,
By agreeing to this document, the user fully assumes the conditions presented and the possible risks.

14. Jurisdiction and applicable law
The contractual relations between these parties will be governed by Bulgarian law. Disputes that cannot be resolved amicably will be referred to the competent courts in Bulgaria.


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