Delivery and payment terms

Delivery and payment terms (excerpt from TSEA Terms and Conditions)

4 Delivery terms
4.1. For orders from Romania, products will be delivered only on Romanian territory. For delivery, the service of several couriers will be used: eg. – for pickup orders we use Speedy or Econt Express (in Bulgaria) and delivery in Romania will be done through Fan Courier or Urgent Cargus couriers. Buyers will receive an AWB tracking number for Fan Courier or Urgent Cargus by email after products arrive at the respective courier.
4.2. The charge for packing and transport is 11.90 Eur for each delivery. The packing and transport fee will be specified in the shopping cart.
4.3. If an order is canceled by the Buyer after shipment, the shipping and return costs will remain the responsibility of the Buyer. After shipping of the product, the shipping tax cannot be returned for any reason.

5. Placing orders and payments
5.1. The payment methods for completing an online order are: online payments by card or payment order. Cash payments or reimbursement (by carrier) are not possible.
5.2. If you select the online payment option, TSEA will only send data to your payment processor regarding your order. TSEA does not have access to and cannot process a buyer’s bank card data.
5.3 In our store you can only pay online with your personal card. We do not accept payment by cards belonging to any company or a third party. Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA and MASTERCARD logos.
5.4 No additional transaction fees are charged. To ensure the security of transactions, uses the secure online payment system mobilPay – Netopia.
5.5 Regardless of the currency you have in your account, the transactions are made in Eur or Ron at the exchange rate of your bank. The processing of the bank card data is done exclusively on the mobilPay – Netopia servers. The safety of your information is guaranteed by the fact that does not use your card data. The data is encrypted on a secure connection by a processor bank, so your card data is fully secure.
5.6. The registration of the payment with PO or online payment does not guarantee the confirmation and/or delivery of the order within 48 hours processing time. Some details in your order may not meet our processing criteria (eg. uploaded JPG files where the contents is modified or not visible). In these situations the order cannot be processed and the amount paid will be refunded to your account as soon as possible. The reimbursement interval can vary between 24 hours and 5 working days from the cancellation of the order.
5.7. The registration of the order does not represent its confirmation. After registration, the order will be processed manually by operators in order to verify all the information provided by the buyer. The order is then processed within 24-48 hours, and the buyer will receive a processed order confirmation. The estimated delivery time by courier is 2 working days from the order’s confirmation.
5.8. During Black Friday events or other holidays advertised on the site, the processing of an order and its delivery can take anywhere between 7-10 business days.
5.9. The buyer has the obligation to verify the integrity and content of the product received within 24-hours from receival. Any subsequent claim regarding the integrity of the package will not be considered.
5.10. The buyer has the right not to accept the delivered merchandise if they are damaged or not in conformity with the details of the order. In this case, the TSEA assumes the responsibility of new delivery of the products according to the order sent within 2 working days from the communication of the buyer.

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